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A Strong Border Means A Better World

Updated: May 9

O no more parents abandoning their children to strangers and danger

O no more gangs, drug cartels, murder and mayhem

O no more dangerous treks through countryside

O no more smuggled people dying in over-crowded, unventilated vehicles

O no more fractured families, who make it here, living in fear and destitute conditions

O no more resentment from those waiting legally to enter the US

O no more delays: they are returned immediately to families, with food and money

O no more excuse: Mexico do your job

O no more shame: Mexico improve conditions for your citizens

O Harmonious cooperation between Mexico and the US:

Establishment of an immigration services university in Mexico where:

- Applicants can come for a year to learn English, History and a trade

- At their appointed time to come, we have a parade to welcome them to the US

- How cool is that?

In addition, maybe the US offers to build sanitation plants in needed areas and, with help from American citizens, replace 'tin' cities with simple, proper housing.

When all people, all countries learn to behave - " . . . inner reform leading naturally to outer ones", then we can have open borders.

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