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In Defense of Cole Beasley - To Vax or Not to Vax

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Just Follow the Science (but which science)

If you follow the science, you will find that the vaccine is pushed, driven, molded and manipulated by political, economic, news and social media platforms and machines. If you follow the science that says the vaccine is still unsafe, then you are dismissed. Oh, these common sense heretics. What shall we do with them?

As with fanatical climatologists (how many failed predictive algorithmic models are too great to count), the above prognosticators use a very effective weapon - fear - to achieve their dark ends. A short side story on this below.*

Science is not infallible. Galelleo was imprisoned by the western world of medieval ‘science’ for scientifically stating that the Sun and not the earth was the center of the universe.

That’s why we have common sense checks like the FDA. I think their requirement is at least seven years of testing before drug approval. What has it been now? One year of developing and testing. Jeeessst. So now some paperwork is passed through, bypassing the common sense guidelines in place, declaring the vaccine as ‘safe’. Convenience has a history of coming back to bite you.

It takes at least 3 1/2 years of clinical, laboratory testing on animals as well as being evaluated for safety. It can take 12 years to reach the shelves. Only 5 of 5,000 drugs make it to human testing. And now we’ve ‘safely’ crammed all this into a period of months.

Just when we’re getting back to some kind of normalcy, the vaccine police are emerging from their dark haunts to boot step their protocols.

So now city and state officials can puppet, “just follow the science.” All the while, a new strain has emerged - VAX-BULL21 - vaccine prejudice and bullying. It is per-mutating the workplace, schools and even the home with the very strong possibility of names being taken and ‘reported on’ by their brethren. Good Lord, what are we doing to ourselves?

I learned a while ago that just because someone has a white smock on does not mean they automatically have any inner wisdom on health. They go to a university, cram a ton of information into their brains, do internships and then open an office and hang out a sign. So anything that's out of the realm of their learning is quackery or superstition. Don't get me wrong, they do great work and are generally very sincere and have done much good.

Already over eight thousand have died from the vaccine - per CDC - and almost as many more have suffered some kind of permanent physical damage and many more have contracted COVID in-spite of the vaccine. It's been found that the vaccine even attacks a woman's uterus. Good gosh, they are even experimenting on children now.

If folks want to take the vaccine, fine. If they don’t, fine. Leave at that. If you take it, then you have nothing to worry about. You have a 99.8 chance of surviving the virus. Much better odds than escalators, elevators and getting abused by bicyclists and pedestrians while driving through town - hah.

When people ask you if you’ve taken the shot, it's only to affirm, confirm their decision to do so was right. They still feel vulnerable and unprotected. If you say yes, they are a little relieved. If you say no, you can see a little fear in their eyes. Mentally, they question themselves as to if they did the right thing.

Destroying fear is the greatest cure for then you prevent attracting the very thing you are afraid of. Take common sense precautions, but destroy fear as best you can.

Develop strong mental thoughts of health and vitality, be cheerful and learn to laugh Divinely - by that, all germs will be electrocuted. If it is your time to go, then at least you will leave this circus of human fracas with an all conquering smile on your face and courage in your heart.

Strive to follow your infallible inner voice of discriminative wisdom and intuition.

Take care.

*CC side story mentioned above:

My brother asked me if I believed in CC. I told him no. Not the way he believed. He rose out of the chair and stared at me with the look and judgement of a Grand Inquisitor - sac-religious unbeliever to be racked and jailed. I said to him, you believe your scientists and I’ll believe mine. He said, I have thousands, you have only a few. That’s only because, I told him, yours are well fed and funded. It is the politicians who educate the ‘scientists’. Money, fame, and ego satisfaction have their lures - i.e. that Mann State Penn guy.

Brother, if you want to clean the planet and make it safe, I’m all for it but to make a fanatical religion out of it led by the Reverend Al and his acolytes (he has used up all Carbon tax credits to cover his humongous utility bill and to scratch his conscience) is not the way to go.

My brother, whom I love dearly, preaches separation of church and state - he likes to mock religion. And now he advocates the merging of the Church of CC and state - what a funny world how we try to make everything fit into our belief system. I’ve come to realize even agnostic types need something to believe in -- i.e. unvetted vax. What a world!

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