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The Mission

The aims and ideals of this website are to eliminate mis-understanding, pretense and hypocrisy by allowing readers to view their deepest motives as best I can. In this way, it is my hope that people will give up these self-imposed, misery making political and social ills and flaws so prevalent in the world.  

By this method of indirect introspection, readers will will realize that the faults in others that they judge so harshly, are, in fact, adorned within themselves. With this sobering knowledge, they realize that to continue in this prejudiced behavior, dis-harmony and upheaval will remain in the world.


 So, with new heart and mind, they waste no more time in pretense and deflection, but concentrate all their efforts in reforming themselves. There will be no time, space or energy left devoted to being inimical toward others. Only then, will peace and harmony reign in the world.

I am at heart a liberal, in mind a conservative and spiritually, I attempt to balance both to usher light into the world in some small way.



My interest in politics and social issues started in the 90's.  My first recollection was in reading about immigration and the associated debates.  I started noticing Mexican's standing out in front gas stations and Home Depot looking for work.  I also noticed card board box shelters in unused areas but there was no litter.  Everything neat and tidy.  I took food a couple of times and even met an elderly lady doing the same.  The fare I brought was vegetarian.  They were grateful but I could see the mind working, "Gosh Amigo, how about some carne asada!"


My predominating thought then was that these are real good folks, keeping a low profile, trying to get work to take care of themselves and their families.  I used to take the bus to work from Encinitas to Solana Beach.  


On the ride back to Encinitas I noticed a group of Mexican folks sitting at the back of the bus.  At one point we pulled over to the bus stop by Swami's park.


Several border guards came on board, one was a big caucasian fella with a very calm demeanor.  He went to the group in the back and started talking in Spanish very soothingly.  You could see the anxiety of the group slowly leave their faces.  They got up, and walked quietly off the bus.  I thought to myself, that was fantastic.


As conceptions and thoughts started germinating about my political stance, I started reading about events that changed everything.  Mexican gangsters coming across the boarder and killing American citizens.  Cartels spewing murder, mayhem, sex trafficking, smuggling - drugs and people.  Anyone that gets in their way are mowed down, especially in Mexico.


A self righteous moment is coming on.  


We jump to the 2020's and Trump's wall is part of the solution.  It keeps not only terrible people out but those who want to come and take advantage of government handout.  Not desiring to add but to take.  The kids turn to prostitution and gangs while mom watches reality tv shows and dad hangs out with his buds getting drunk or drugged.  The liberals will find someone who actually made something of themselves, display and trumpet them saying, "Look what we accomplished!" While turning their heads and eyes away from all the misery and suffering they created to pad the DNC vote and maybe to scratch their consciousness.  The Left did this with African Americans - social welfare and housing - and now they are turning to South America.

All politicians should be required to do first and exemplify their ideas fomented by bias, hypocrisy and elitism before burdening the public.  In this way they, they show true courage and compassion. 

No one can destroy a zillion forests to save a tree better than Liberals and all for selfish interest and not the betterment of mankind as they like to preach while pounding their chests, raising their fists and slapping each others backs.


The other part of the immigration solution is that Mexico man up and do their part.  And, together with the US, build immigration universities whereby Mexican citizens wishing to immigrate to America can stay and learn English, trade, how the credit card system works; all in all how to navigate and more importantly to contribute something useful for not only America's benefit but their own - self-worth, virtue, accomplishment, initiative, real hopefulness.


When they graduate, we welcome them into the US with parades and celebrations.  How cool is that.


Well you can see I got side tracked with my very strong view point.  In any case, I was off and running to a degree.  Even though I started having very strong opinions, I had no confidence in expressing them.  Its taken me years to get to this point of posting.  Try talking to me about politics Mano o Mano,  and I start stammering like Ralph Kramden in The HoneyMooners - "Humana, Humana, Humana . . . . ".  I've found that when I sit calmly, think, introspect and analyze I come up with a position that satisfies my heart and mind.


So this digital platform kind of works well for me.  And as you can see from my blogs, I cover a wide range of political and social issues attempting to reveal the root causes of all the divisiveness - selfish interest and hypocrisy which are artfully hidden behind pretense, deflection and ignorance.  I try to provide a mirror whereby each person has to look within and analyze themselves and those they like politically before they start judging others.  At first they will be aghast at what they see, but with courage, they can change themselves and, thus, change the world for the better.

I am at heart a liberal, in mind a conservative and spiritually, I attempt to balance both to usher light into the world in some small way.

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