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Democrats and the African American Vote

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

They come every four years

With pleading hearts and false tears

They pound their chests, scream and rant

Hypocrisy streaming from every pore

Vote for me and you will see

Your every wish come true

Don't despair we are there

To help, guide and protect

But when the election is completed

All our promises will be deleted

Selfish interest has its sway - it won't be stayed

We have your vote and your no longer needed

But do not worry

What's the hurry

We'll see you again in four more years


When listening to political preaching and promises, to news pundits and their agendas, teachers with malevolent prejudices, blanketing reason, courage and independence of young hearts, Hollywood diseased with hypocrisy, always look in head and heart to see if what is there matches their actions. Sincere motive is almost extinct.

Then, with wisdom guided discrimination, you will be able to distinguish between tokenism, lip-service and heartfelt change and commitment. Truth and sincerity have been held hostage by hypocrites and self interest - the DNC and liberal media mission statement.

So wake up. Resurrect yourselves. Make a better world. Think and question - always. Take care.

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