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Immigration A Peaceful Transition - My Prayer

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Immigration A Peaceful Transition - My Prayer

I pray for the children ignorantly separated by the parents

I pray for the parents who will suffer from this act

I pray for the children to forgive their parents thus mitigating the suffering

I pray for the hired strangers to treat the kids as their own

I pray for Mexico to start doing their job

I pray for a united cooperation to develop a safe channel

I pray for cartels and gangsters to give up their evil

I pray for congress to change the law

I pray for that the children be well and safe until their return

I pray for DHS to give cheerful service with such a hard task

I pray for understanding for those that condemn

that they visualize 100 children and 100 strangers left on their doorstep

that they put their compassion and words to the test

go to the centers and help - that is best.

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