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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Probably the greatest weapon of mass destruction is the rational mind. It can condone the worst crimes to man and nature. Forget gun control. Wisdom guided mind control is needed. Abortion, Infantile genocide, is wrong. For taking life is wrong. At the instance of conception, there is Life.

Young people have been programmed to see it as ' . . . a choice'. You go to any extreme to reform the worst criminals who have done terrible things, but when a new Soul arrives on this planet, you can eliminate this LIfe without batting an eye, not allowing this being a chance at life and you're happy about it.

You are a free agent before you act. But afterwards each person is responsible for whatever comes back because of that action. That boomerang response can happen quickly, after some years or in another lifetime. But sure as you're living it will come. If quickly, you are fortunate because you will be able to link the action with the result and learn.

But usually, it takes a long time and then when unhappiness or suffering comes, you will cry out, why me, not knowing the reason and taking it out one anyone or anything. If you want to know what is right, calmly turn within and ask your conscience and intuitive heart and you will receive your answer.

Think of those NY legislators dancing in the isles after passing an abortion law. They were desecrating life itself and happy about it. But those poor souls will have to face the effects of their sad behavior at some point and time. People exalting their humanity and sympathetic goodness doing something like that.

Once you act in sex, you attract the consequences of that act. If done with love and commitment, it's a wonderful thing. If a child comes, you are automatically the steward of that new soul and that includes the man. Canceling that new soul out for any reason - more on this below -, instead of raising and nourishing will result in unwelcome but deserved effects to come back to both parties and sometimes more so with the man.

That's why its imperative for not just the parents but the school system to teach the purpose of life, the creative life force - sex, and the purpose of your existence on this planet. With that wisdom, you will make life choices correctly that will save you from chasms of suffering. Just look at the world.

So much misery just because of not thinking and acting correctly - fearfully thinking of your 'own skin' instead. But they are told it's ok - your body, your choice.

But they and the world are not there to help you when the consequences of your actions, actuated by their 'liberality' of your hearts and minds, comes to bear. They are gone, leaving you twisting in the wind. True courage and freedom is not being able to do what you want but to do the right thing even though you rather not. The youth need that training.

Politically, students typically get only half truths, agendas and prejudices from those who 'educate'. Because of the malleability of a young heart, they can, by giving just a little diluted, disassembled information - , transform youth into emotional, mechanical beings. These 'educators' strip you of your reasoning power by not giving all the information, by not letting you look at both sides equally and impartially.

They keep you from developing original thought. And all because they are bitterly unhappy with their own lives and use the youth to take out their frustrations on real or imagined enemies. They manipulate youth, subtly or openly, to goose-step over anyone and everyone not within the realm of their acceptance. Germany tried that in the 30's and it failed terribly as it should have. But what a lot of destruction.

Heaven forbid that they should turn their moral mirror on themselves and those they politically like. If they did, understanding would prevail, hypocrisy would be eliminated and with that, hate and wrath would die out making a hugely, magnificently better world.

Everyone, especially the youth, need to think and think some more about what anyone tells them, including me - for sure.

Question, question, question. If an emotional topic comes up with your teachers, question them, make them think. They may get angry or even attack you. And then you will know. You can roar like a courageous lion and say, 'I recognize you. You are the enemy of Truth."

Always question politicians, liberal media, social platforms and educators for they want you to:

Be frightened of everything;

Question nothing;

Follow like sheep.

An Indian author wrote about ideal education:

"There should be a healthy feeling of solidarity and responsibility, and ample opportunity for the exercise of self-reliance and individuality. There should be a high standard of culture, self-imposed discipline, and stern regard for duty, selfless action, and sacrifice, combined with self-respect and reverence for others, a high standard of academic dignity, and a sense of . . . the nobility and the great purpose of human life."

For me, I am at heart a liberal and at mind a conservative. Spiritually I attempt to balance and blend both. Churchill said it best, "If you're not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart. If you're still a liberal at forty, you have no brain." It would be great if we could get a brain at twenty-five. Best of all, the development and nourishment of discriminative wisdom.

If it's just the brain and intellect, you're cold and calculating. If you're just heart and feelings, your compassionate sympathy morphs into fearful, hateful, emotionally out-of-control ineffective behavior - I was like that once. I would become so despondent and angry at the site of cruel death - my dog.

Bidden said if Wade/Roe is overturned then he will make abortion the law of the land. Obama said the same thing about our nation's laws saying he didn't have to abide by any of them. We can lay on the guilt for Indian massacres, African American slavery that happened in the past, but shamelessly, gleefully wipe out thousands of souls because of fear, ignorance, lack of courage or inconvenience - yes there certain conditions whereby it might by considered but that does not mean destroying the whole forest to save a tree.

So wonder no longer at the cause of divisiveness in this country. This nation has been pretty much stripped to the bone of any patriotism. We need to get it back to healthy levels.

If you don't like your country, you can't love the world. So if for your sake, your family's sake and the sake of the world, with all our blessings, move to a place that you can embrace wholeheartedly.

Trying to create totalitarian, new world orders won't do. Political and social inbreeding is death because the world is based on duality. Put fifty liberals on an island and soon you'll have at least two or three opposing parties voting with sea shells - hah pretty cool thought.

Emerson - Compensation:

"Justice is not postponed. A perfect equity adjusts its balance in all parts of life. The dice of God are always loaded. The world looks like a multiplication-table, or a mathematical equation, which, turn it how you will, balances itself. Take what figure you will, its exact value, nor more nor less, still returns to you. Every secret is told, every crime is punished, every virtue rewarded, every wrong redressed, in silence and certainty."

Well I can beat a dead horse like no other and it's taking a toll on my soapbox - and it just came out of the shop. Take care.

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