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Right Education

Updated: Aug 28

To Educators, Administrators, Students, Parents, Politicians

Right Training For Our Youth - For Their Sake and Yours:

An Indian author wrote about ideal education:

"There should be a healthy feeling of solidarity and responsibility, and ample opportunity for the exercise of self-reliance and individuality. There should be a high standard of culture, self-imposed discipline, and stern regard for duty, selfless action, and sacrifice, combined with self-respect and reverence for others, a high standard of academic dignity, and a sense of . . . the nobility and the great purpose of human life."

Social, political, educational in-breeding leads to disease and death. This creation is hinged on duality. If you can't summon the courage and open-mindedness to establish various environments of thought and have civil dialogue, then you might as well close up shop before 'life' does it for you.

It’s amazing that with one breath, you exhort diversity and with another you exclude anything that doesn't fit within your very tight window of acceptance. You're sort of like exclusive clubs of thought -- thought racists.

Well, there is still time to save yourselves from extinction. Rise above the crowd and accomplish beautiful, amazing thought-things by encouraging youth to behave courageously, nurture their inner strength (independent and unsupported by others' dialectic), the culture of poise and self-control and to forgive under all injury is leading them on the road to true freedom.

So when the inevitable tests and trials come, they will look upon them not as obstacles or something to fear, but as opportunities to resurrect the soul's heroic qualities. Then they will no longer live in the illusion of being helpless little worms of this ever changing world

Each person has been endowed with all the power of the universe to overcome all difficulties and create a beautiful life. To teach, by example and precept, others dig into and discover that power within themselves is the greatest gift one can bestow on humankind.

Take care.

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