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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I pray for the soldiers who died

I pray for the families of those soldiers

I pray for the Afghan citizens who died and their families

I pray for the thousands of Afghan citizens whose good life and security were torn asunder

I pray that we did not bring in hidden terrorism through evacuation

I pray that we go back and re-take key areas as to prevent a launch pad for terrorism to other countries

I pray for the misguided, emotional Taliban youth who are indoctrinated into becoming willing bombs for the elders who have no courage to face battle themselves, who desecrate these young souls with so much hate. For the women who are abused and suppressed in terrible ways. God is not happy about that at all.

I pray that the Taliban realize their evil, abandon it and live peaceably.

I pray for any person and organization who, directly or indirectly, enables this behavior. For they will become like-wise and as sure as the sun rises in the east, accordingly suffer.

I pray for the US government to think with insight, forethought and wisdom to prevent any future catastrophes. To forego their biased, ignorant ideas of peace that create so much misery and death.

The world has always looked to America as a secure channel amidst all the craziness. We cannot destroy that trust by abandoning countries in such an intolerable, shameful way. In time Afghanistan, like South Korea, would have established a secure foundation for their country.

We are so arrogant in our ignorance. Time to heal.

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