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The Ukraine

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

he Ukraine - April 9, 2022

We talk about being world citizens. We preach all kinds of wonderful things - our brothers, our sisters. But when it comes to really helping another nation in big trouble, who asks desperately for our assistance, we turn the other way. Cowardice, hypocrisy and self-interest seems to be our creed now.

Indeed, we scratch our conscience by sending over bags of money, some bullets and armored proof vests which amounts to spitting into the wind. And, of course, we have our well thought out, boiler-plate excuses. The biggest being, "We don't want to start WWIII". And no one wants that of course. This ideal works in the world when all are sobered by the thought of it. But when a nation is not so concerned, taking what it wants, then something has to be done and quickly before it's too late.

I know that if we had gone over to the Ukraine and blockaded the harbors and shores the moment we knew what Russia was up to - we had this knowledge long before Russia sent a ship - Putin would never have tried. By our courageous example, other countries, I hope, would have enthusiastically joined in for a world 'rattling of the sword' at its finest.

History is repeating itself. Germany and Europe almost a hundred years ago. If the appeasers had won out in England, what a different world this would be. Churchill's wisdom and strength, thank goodness, prevailed - he could recognize a hungry wolf who would sign anything while taking a big bite.

And even then, Churchill unsuccessfully tried to get America to help. But we didn't want to be involved. The horror of WWI was still vivid. It is interesting how the expanse of the Atlantic contributed to the luxury of that mind set. If we were as close as England was, there would have been no hesitation. Pearl Harbor woke us up.

Putin is no different. He knows now he can move into other countries if he succeeds in the Ukraine for we have revealed to him zero moral courage and backbone. By standing by and watching, letting a bully do his thing, because we are too afraid to do the right thing although terribly difficult, we are manifesting the very thing we fear. That universal law is precise and exacting.

We've said that if he moves into other countries, we will get involved. But he knows that won't happen. If we do, it will only be bits and pieces because heaven forbid we don't want to sacrifice too much or cause resentment in other countries. But as always, with this kind politically correct approach, we sacrifice everything that really matters - our self-respect, nobility, valor, courage, wholesomeness as a citizen and as a nation which is tremendously, exponentially worse than dying in virtue.

It's not too hard to see how this came to be. There was a newscast years ago of an elderly lady, in San Francisco, getting beat up by a bunch of young men because she was carrying an American flag. That right there said everything. Reactionary, venomous gangs easily and with much gusto bully the elderly, the few and the weak and all this in the name of peace and harmony. And it still happens now, especially in schools at all levels. Hillary blithely did her thing with Benghazi and Biden his with Afghanistan. It's amazing how abandoning countries, citizens, soldiers and duty and pursuing non-involvement cost so much in life and freedom.

They like congregating in big groups of like minded-ness for it's their only source of courage. They do this because unconsciously they have to make up for their absence of grit and spiritual backbone. And by God, when it comes to putting everything on the line because it's absolutely the right thing to do, they vanish like the night.

But the law of righteousness will, by its universality, cause us to forsake our weak-heartedness and fight for truth and justice. We are more than just a breathing, thinking, feeling apparatus. We are a soul and when you behave in tune with its attributes, you are free and whole. Misery and suffering results when you don't.

One of the first thoughts that came to mind when this all started was the Obama/Hillary reset of the Ukraine policy. I have some friends from there and when that happened, they were so furious with the American government. Without the reset, Putin would have had a hard time justifying a move into Ukraine. But we gave him an open lane and he took it. It would be interesting to have someone like Piers Morgan interviewing the both of them, looking them straight in the eye and asking what was in their heart and mind. The truth now!

Having said all this, I pray that Putin will wake up from his delusion, repent and begin reparation with Ukraine and the world. That would be best. I'm just as scared as the rest of you.

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