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Inclusivity Agenda: Blakespear, School Systems, Pretense and Labels

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

ust make sure that in your zeal for this inclusivity you don't become over-bearing, label bullies to enact it. Don't let your inclusivity exclude others who think differently otherwise your diversity is a lie. This happens all the time with special reform committees, social and news media platforms, laws and teachers programing and indoctrinating the students with their own prejudices when its the instructors and administrators who need to learn the art of right behavior the most or else you have the blind leading the blind. The age of The Inquisition is over. Let's not resurrect it.

Be that which you want everyone to be first before you judge. Even those who you accuse as using hate speech deserve your understanding and compassion. Hypocrisy is very unbecoming and is the source of so much suffering and happens all the time when people, groups, entities want to enforce a better world. If everyone learns to behave then this grandstanding and official glad-handing will become unnecessary.

You cannot defeat hate speech with your own hate speech which is veiled and subtle with so much pretense and political labels. But for some reason, the gloves are off at peace rallies, student protests and union marches for you will hear and see more violence than you care. Make sure you are honest with yourselves that you are not self-deluding. Introspect and see what your true motives are and if you find that true sincerity, sympathy and compassion for all is lacking, then change yourselves before you tell others how to act and even then - no judging.

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