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Dear Palestine/Hamas, Wake up For peace in the Middle East!

Updated: Jan 16

You must get rid of your all consuming hate now for it is not only unsettling the world but your own lives. And this not only goes for you but those who approve, especially politicians and media who pound their chests while deploring divisiveness to deflect from their own prejudices and biases.

You have hijacked religion to rationalize ungodly behavior. All the scriptures speak to being a great neighbor, a world citizen. The Jihad is an internal battle, the body is the field and there the fight between your good and bad tendencies are fought and has nothing to do with anything outside yourself. And you must introspect nightly to see to see how the battle is going. This you must do and must be. The release from anger and jealousy will manifest as glorious light and lightness in you being, your families and your nation.

Instead of hating Israel because they mirror all the things you want and want to be, embrace them and you too will advance not only spiritually but materially as well. So many years and lives wasted. Think of it. If Palestine and Israeli children were raised together, there would be friendship, cooperation and brotherhood. So that means you must stop inculcating your youth with your resentments, bitterness, jealousies and hate and in that process heal yourselves as well.

And Hamas, kidnapping, hiding behind children and hospitals is very unmanly. And especially stop using brain-washed, politically troubled youth as human bombs which you should do yourselves. Be real soldiers and fight man to man. If you die, you die a soldiers death. But why do that. Israel has tried many times to create peace and harmony with you which you reject immediately.

If you could wipe out Israel completely, you would still be left with your hate which you would turn on someone else - a relative, a neighbor down the block and on and on. Israel could destroy you in one morning but won't. You would destroy Israel immediately but can't. Doesn't that tell you something? You have created so much misery for yourselves. What a terrible existence. Change now.

So you must learn to behave. They're spiritual laws that can't be manipulated by any rationalizing. Thought, will and action are forces to be used for good or ill. When you are in harmony with those laws, amazing blessings are bestowed. If not, more self-inflicted suffering and misery results. What ever thoughts and action you put out, comes back to you exactly and precisely. You reap what you sow. Emerson's 'Compensation' eloquently and poetically describes this perfect process.

So this means that what ever you hate sufficiently enough, you will attract to yourself. Which means that in your next life you may be born into the Israeli nation. You grow up, have your own family who are then kidnapped by Hamas. You will then hate Hamas and on and on the cycle continues reincarnation after reincarnation until you've had enough. Thus you surrender to God and learn to forgive all, to then love all. You will have fulfilled your mission, your highest duty - reuniting with God.

Surrender to God completely, whole-heartedly, sincerely asking for forgiveness for your wrongs and forgiving anyone and everyone whom, real or imagined, harmed you for forgiveness is the might of the mighty. Then you will discover Him not only right within yourselves but also in everyone and everything. Then you will know him. Once you know Him, you cannot help but love Him and the purpose of your life will have been gloriously fulfilled.

So quit wasting time. Daylight's burning. Get at it.

With all my love and blessings, peace be upon you.

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