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The New Religion - Climate Change

Updated: Aug 28

To The Liberal News Manufacturers, Fear-Mongers and Their Ilk

What a misnomer!! Climate change has been going on for billions of years. If you want to clean the planet, I and everyone else are all for that. But to create a new religion led by Rev. Al Gore and his acolytes is not the way to go. We don’t want to resurrect the age of Inquisitions do we? Gosh his monthly electric bill is over 10K and he blows that off with ‘tax credits’. What a politician. He’s made more money selling fear and misinformation than CNN and that's saying a lot.

Science is no longer science when it is well fed and funded by the government. Heck, I can write an algorithm that states the earth is the center of the universe and if I can get you guys to go along it becomes ‘truth’. Just ask that Mann guy from Penn State. What a yahoo. Asked for proof of his findings, he refuses declaring intellectual property - what a deflection from ‘saving the world’. He allowed money and ego to mold him into a snake oil salesman.

Well, that should do for now. My soap box is starting to tilt. Got to take it to the shop. Any and all calm, dispassionate discussions are always welcome.

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