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Vax Forms and Otherwise

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Covid Vaccine

Vaccine Declaration Forms - Doctor's Office's and Otherwise - April 9, 2022

At my dermatology appointment, I was asked to sign a paper asking if I had taken the vaccine or not. During my time there, I kept thinking how that is not right. When I checked out I asked why you need to know this. The office person told me its for our safety and yours. I said that is open for debate and left.

Asking you to sign a paper indicating whether you have taken VAX or not, is motivated singularly by underlying fear, force, intimidation and hypocrisy. We are creating legions of mini-dictators who use fear as a means to express deep seated desires to control their environment. It has nothing to do with health and safety.

If safety were the concern, then the vaccine would have been put through the paces over a period of years intelligently, methodically. But no. We have to push it through now to overcome covid. Well it hasn't done anything to covid in-spite of anything the CDC says. But it has caused thousands of deaths and has saddled many more with severe heart conditions. So pull the drug off the shelves until it is proven safe and effective. Hah, I can just see the powers that be going along with that.

If the vaccine really worked there would be real faith in it. You take it and forget it. You are protected. But everyone, deep down, feels unsure and confused, especially after only one year of development and no testing, and hope it works. So, holding their collective breath, people take the shot and want everyone else to do the same in order to acquire some degree of validation and assurance that they did the right thing.

They watch the news and click on CDC hoping each day that they are ok. But all they hear are a million different scenarios: what if this happens or that happens; this new strain, that new strain; this booster, that booster. I don't know how anyone can listen to all that and not just implode. For your own real health and well being, I implore you to stop watching the news. Daylight's burning. Get at it.

Question a scientist or politician and they puppet, "Just follow the science" meaning they haven't a clue. And when scientists question the 'science' they are quickly suppressed.

A bunch of congressmen passing a bill that declares the vaccine safe is hardly following the science. Science and all proven, established and correct testing protocols were thrown out of a very tall window. The only truth is that politics, force, propaganda layered with shameless guilt, economics, control and fear are the engines behind the vaccine push. The varying, continuous up and down changes in the CDC numbers will attest to that. Doctors who don't support the vaccine and workers not taking it getting fired. Teachers and gardeners taking it, for jobs and family, and dying.

Mix in four parts totalitarianism, four parts fear, two parts guilt driven propaganda with one part science and you get a pretty freaky brew - kool-aid at its best.

The first step is to round-up and whip ninety times with a wet noodle all the ad buyers (CDC and all other government agency directors) and ad sellers (any and all heads of advertising agencies) of ad time - showing terrible, disturbing advertising pushing the vaccine - children with a bandaid on their arm and giving that I'm safe and happy smile. Jeeest!! How diabolical.

I was getting my teeth cleaned today, and my technician told me that at her son's school, all his friends came up bragging about their vaccine shot. Soon they will be bullying him and others to get it. Funny how school administrators advocate against bullying. But nothing will be done to stem VAX bullying because they like it. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Good Lord! When I was kid, you got measles, polio, chicken pox shots and went about your day. What the heck are we doing to these kids? Some parents are so ignorant in their intelligence.

I was surfing one day and ended up talking with a young man down from Long Beach. We started talking about covid. He ended up saying that some people like horror movies. It was funny and sad at the same time. But he was right.

My friend came up with a great idea. Study those who are not affected by covid, and there are billions, and come up with a harmonious, non-injurious strategy based on mental, physical and spiritual principles.

Most people think only a needle can help. They embrace fear and absolutely trust what the experts tell them. They have surrendered their ability to think, reason and discriminate between fact and fiction blanketing their intuitive discriminative wisdom. They become the blind following the blind. I pray they don't bump their heads against a wall too many times before they wake up.

50% of all covid deaths were due to compromised health issues. The other 50% due to plain old fear. Therefore stop watching the disturbing news - the digital fear accelerator, the land of Mordor, the Death Star.

An Amish elder was being interviewed and was asked why covid had not impacted their community. And do you know what he said? "We don't watch TV." Wisdom for the ages. So Einsteinian. Remember you have a 99.9% chance of surviving covid.

So there you are. Each person makes up the kind of world they want to live in. If you've had enough, develop your native courage, virtue, valor, radiance, resolute endurance, not fleeing from battle, wisdom and discrimination and march on to a victorious, harmonious, beautiful life. Affirm every day your natural health and vitality. Bacterial and fear germs will be electrocuted by the soul strength of your seed words.

As they say in Fiji, "Up to you.

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