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Wealth Distribution Flaws and Facade

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Wealth Distribution Flaws - AOC

When any politician promises wealth distribution, taxing the rich, better health care, know that they are interested in only one thing - power. They are modern day dictators for they never keep their promises after being elected.

AOC mocks herself with her ignorance and her self-intoxicating delusion that she is concerned with humanity and everyone else is bad. She is interested in only one thing and that is power - the same desire as Hillary had. Neither can hide it. She uses social issues as weapons to acquire this power. She throws out numbers and statements to denigrate that aren't true and doesn't care if she's called on it. The same attitude as Hillary on the lives of Benghazi victims, ". . . what's the big deal." Just like the leaders of other socialist countries, she would use force to keep her power no matter how bad things were. Hardly a person with a good moral compass.

Berine Sanders spent his whole life living off women and the government and he wants others to do the same. What a terrible way to live - ‘the world owes me a living’.

You could distribute the wealth evenly down to the last cent, but soon everything would be back the way it was. The left still enslaves African Americans with invisible yolks to 'social programs' as opposed to iron chains used by slave owners in the past. But the effect is the same - abject hopelessness. These programs, the root motive being votes due on delivery, whether it be housing projects, welfare, redistribution of wealth etc, not only create greed, fraud, and mis-use of power but destroy one's initiative, creativity and hope.

The left gives just enough to keep them bound. But never enough developed inner strength, courage, and initiative to dust yourself off and move on with life.

Within each of us, is the power to create a beautiful, magical life. All we have to do is re-discover it

Look at the wealth of Obama, Hillary and Bill - over $300M and these are career politicians. There are so many rich, powerful liberals that talk about distribution but ardently hold on to their own. What do you think they are doing with their taxes

There are lots of companies and individuals doing great things with their wealth. The consciousness is changing. There is more and more cooperation between business and labor. If one makes a lot of money and does philanthropic work with it, that's a good thing. The covenant of giving and receiving is manifested. If people hoard their money, then they will learn the hard way through universal law. With forced or legislative 'goodness', the covenant disappears, replaced by resentment on both sides.

This nation has given more to the world than the world. We forgive foreign loans in billions; help nations with food and medical supplies

The best thing to do is, within the realm of your environment - family, friends, neighbors, people you meet in the street - help wherever your heart and mind tell you. You are the starting point in your own life. If you think others have too much privilege, then give up some of your own. It would be interesting to see students at the most affluent, expensive schools march down to the register's office and offer up their seats to someone without the means to attend. They yell the loudest, but hold on with both hands.

If you see that someone needs a meal, money, conversation or just a smile, then bestow it gratefully. You will feel really happy. See you are like a pebble thrown into a calm pool. Your good example will connect with everyone and they will want to do the same because everyone wants to be truly happy. This is the best way. To help spontaneously without expecting any material benefit in return.

If you look at Gandhi's life. You see that at an early stage of life, he was a very wealthy lawyer in South Africa. Later when he came back to India as the leader of millions of people who were mostly poor, he could not live with himself if he kept his opulent life stye. So he forced his family to change - giving up everything he had down to wearing very simple, peasant clothing. Do you think he could ask them to adhere to his philosophy of non-violence or could he have freed India otherwise?

Although it may not seem like it, the world is growing day by day, year by year in wisdom. Just do your good part and you will be content. Take care.

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