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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Response to Wolf's criticism of Trump for not taking any questions.

Dear Wolf,

You have it reversed. Trump has triumphantly taken on your vindictive, undermining attacks, giving back more than you can handle and you can't stand it. You turn away from your coverage on news conferences If you don't like what you are hearing. You won't even attend them. And then you attack because Trump, one time, he doesn't take any questions. You don't even know he is playing you.

With his election, he destroyed your false sense of power. You are exposed. There will be no more propping up candidates because of sex and color because they are willing puppets of your biased world order. And it still ticks you off that you can't hold love-ins with Hillary. Your divisiveness and hypocrisy are mountainous. You've raised cruelty to a new, scientific standard. Look what Hillary and Bill did - for years systematically, premeditate the destruction of tens of women for sex and power and you and your ilk are ok with that. Read Anthony Bourdain's post mortem on the Clinton's if you have the nerve.

You are too scared and prejudiced to act like fair, unbiased, truth loving journalists. For then you would have to speak and write critically of Democrats who behave horribly and you would have to give Trump his due. If Hillary were in charge, whoooo - if that doesn't give you a shudder of cold fear, I don't know what would. You would be organizing by-weekly coronations for her while people are dropping like flies.

Your littleness and spitefulness has taken over your hearts and minds. You have viewership only because addiction is a hard thing to break. But viewers know better right now and when they get stronger they will turn you off.

The universal law states that what you sow, you reap. Therefore your actions of hate and anger hiding the inner motive of revenge will come back to you with double force. So cure yourselves now. Daylight’s burning, so get at it. Take care.

With all my love, I sincerely hope you and your company wake up. I’ll put it on the prayer list.

Update 08/22/2022:

Wolf has no problem with Biden hiding in his room refusing any questions, any time from anyone. If he had to deal with the viciousness that Trump dealt with, he would melt in pool of goo - no backbone, no poise.

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