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WSJ Article - UM Bias Response Team

Updated: Aug 28

Letter to President of University of Michigan And Univeristy of Northern Colorado

-- In Response to WSJ Article on U-M Bias Response Team –

Dear Folks,

Just read an editorial in the WSJ about your secret police. Mind numbing. A great man once said that intelligence is a two-edged sword. One can use it to cut off the boil of ignorance and uplift himself and others or decapitate himself. You, as an institution, appear to have taken the second course of action.

Social, political, educational in-breeding leads to disease and death. This creation is hinged on duality. If you can't summon the courage and open-mindedness to establish various environments of thought and have civil dialogue, then you might as well close up shop before 'life' does it for you.

It’s amazing that with one breath, you exhort diversity and with another you exclude anything that doesn't fit within your very tight window of acceptance. You're sort of like exclusive clubs of thought -- thought racists.

At Northern Colorado: so some poor student went into shock at the idea of reading from a book list just off liberal center and they took vigorous action. I can see the Bias Response Team, with their brown shirts and black boots, marching to inflict their 'justice'. I wonder if you would take the same tank-like approach, if a student complained of a diet of liberal fare.

Well, there is still time to save yourselves from extinction. Rise above the crowd and accomplish beautiful, amazing thought-things


cole ragland

P.S. I'm open to any and all discussions about this

University of Michigan's Rick Fitzgerald, Office of Public Affairs representative responded with intelligent, rational reasons for their policy among which was an 'open' campus.

I responded with the following:

Very well said. You've just made the greatest argument against having a BRT. BRT cannot exist in the open environment you've just described - the two do not equate.

With BRT, you are breeding over-sensitive individuals, spying and telling on their brethren. This is spiritually, physically and mentally disastrous. To encourage them to behave courageously, nurture their inner strength (independent and unsupported by others' dialectic) and to forgive under all injury is true freedom.

So when the inevitable tests and trials come, they will look upon them not as obstacles or something to fear, but as opportunities to resurrect the soul's heroic qualities. Then they will no longer live in the illusion of being helpless little worms of this ever changing world

Force and fear only make people do good for fear of being bad or punished. It is supremely better to be an example of goodness so that those in your sphere of influence want to be good for goodness sake.

Each person has been endowed with all the power of the universe to overcome all difficulties and create a beautiful life. To teach, by example and precept, others to dig into, discover and nurture that power within themselves is the greatest gift one can bestow on humankind. Courage needs to be emphasized more in schools as well as families. Very few realize how noble and strong they truly are. And as such, by your supreme example, you will reform thousands instilling true peace wherever you go.

Take care.

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