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A Mirror for Healing

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Dear Left,

Look no further than yourselves as the cause for recent events. Your collective hate thoughts and actions have culminated into self created events that you don't like and blame on others. Turn your moral mirror on yourselves. Change yourselves if you want to see a peaceful world. If you are not peaceful, how can you expect others to be?

Thought is a force for good or ill. Your mass elitism, smugness, hypocrisy, vengeful hate have not only darkened the nation, the world but yourselves, family and friends.

Hate like love attracts and now you are seeing the results of this, so with a zillion blessings, turn your attention within, introspect and change now.

Here is something to chew on: whatever you hate or dislike in someone sufficiently enough, know that those traits exist in you as well. So by hating others, you are really hating yourself. It seems to be much easier, with self righteous indignation streaming from every pore, to blame others, to demand others to be what you want them to be, rather than courageously look within, identify the flaws and change yourself. Everything good in the world starts with each individual molding themselves into a truly noble, kind, sweet, understanding, forgiving soul.

You cannot be selective in your understanding - forgiving those, like Hillary, who fit within the very tight window of your acceptance and you cannot be selective in your judgement - blaming those, like Trump, who don't fit within the framework of your acceptance. This creates hypocrisy and hypocrisy creates anger, vengeance and hate. So start right now by curing yourselves of hypocrisy. Start by judging yourselves, reforming yourselves first, last and always. Then by your efforts you will impact others in a positive way by your supreme example.

Remember, when Trump won you made the conscious decision to vilify, hate, destroy just because he defeated Hillary, who if you look at her actions and behavior, no one in their right mind would vote for. But blind acceptance allowed you to do so.

More deeply, Trump took away your agenda for a new world order that liberal news machines have been pushing for years under the guise of PC, humanity, magnanimity, etc. When Trump won, you could not maintain pretense any longer. All bets were off. You were fully exposed, teeth bared. And you have been running in packs - divisive to the core - gnashing and rending everything in your path since then.

Trump is your mirror. The hate and evil are in your minds, not his. Remember if character and right behavior mattered, CNN, MSNBC and news journalists would be composed of responsible, clear minded, introspective, thoughtful, fair individuals, Bill would have been impeached, Obama may or may not have been elected, Hillary would have been an afterthought and Trump would never would have felt it necessary to run for office in the first place.

Well, there you go. Practice visualizing and focusing love in your heart. Then, with your will power, broadcast that love to those you know and especially to those whom you don’t like. You will begin to feel a very nice soothing feeling stream through you. Be brave and courageous in your self improving efforts. Daylight’s burning. Get at it. May peace be upon you.

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