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Tim Scott and The Self Mockery of Liberals

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Response to liberal criticism of Tim Scott's speech.

Well folks, I held on to this response to the Tim Scott mocking for a while. Probably too long. I'm sure you're not going to like it, but maybe you can learn from it. To be honest I was kind of scared to post it but realized I'm more scared not to. I'm sure the back-lash will come surely and swiftly. So what the heck.

With all the healing and compassion I can muster, with exasperation pouring from every pore, here it is primarily directed at pols, news and social media, journalists, educators and anyone else applicable to.

Well the left is at it again mocking Tim Scott after his talk. He filled up the screen with virtue, principle and character and the left can't stand it. He was confident and articulate and strong. He didn't need a teleprompter. But you like a guy like Biden who fumbles the Declaration of Independence quote, who turns tail from press conferences, who stumbles over his thoughts so often that he has to wear stone mason knee pads.

His position on anything changes with the prevailing social winds to keep the votes and support coming. He uses the 'N' word and dehumanizes blacks by labeling them non-blacks if they vote Republican. I'm putting him on the prayer list.

Remember, ' . . . the active expression of virtue gives rise to the keenest intelligence.'

Democrat's destroyed Lincoln, fomented the terrible Jim Crow years and strategically decided, mid twentieth century, to cull the black vote with 'social programs' thus securing their 'blood stained' votes. They have kept African Americans holding on to the welfare rope; giving just enough - but never freedom of self-effort, initiative and confidence.

They disdain anyone with faith, conviction, humble confidence who is articulate and intelligent. These, like Tim Scott, they mock. But they uphold people like Obama who visited and honored Muslim leaders of West African countries who originated and continue to suppression of women, actively engage in slave trading, sex trafficking and terrorism. Who inflamed racial hotspots with his rhetoric. Who would rather rub elbows with retired NBA guys at a golf course rather than pray for the American's soul being executed in the middle-east at that very day and time.

He dumped billions on Iraq's driveway, re-paving the way for mass terror in the middle east -- the perfect news machine candidate. His only accomplishment and only joy as President was holding parties for Championship teams and white-boarding NCAA March Madness

And CNN Lemon, who goose-steps the liberal agenda with such KKK dark-heartedness. As well as Cunningham and Jackson who sell hope disguised hopelessness to fill their pockets.

These are the real Stephen Fetchet's.

What is it that makes liberals prefer darkness instead of light; unmanliness instead of manliness; hypocrisy instead of sincerity and truth; weakness instead of strength; ignobility instead of nobility; ignorance instead of true knowledge?

In their self-exalting, elitist state of humanitarianism, they market and manifest more cruelty, vindictiveness, ignorance, suffering and death than they care to recognize. This is why their mockery is in truth self mockery.

If anyone criticizes and attacks them, they go into a myopic, bucolic fit. But when they do the same, it is with extreme hateful glee, pressed by intolerable prejudice - their inalienable right.

You prop up people like Obama and Hillary (gosh she destroyed so many people - so sad. I’ve put her on the prayer list) who are very questionable as leaders and people and vilify anyone else who doesn't fit within the realm of your very tight-fitting acceptance. You come off like an exclusive, elitist club of thought - thought racists.

Liberals comfortable in their biased smugness

Percolating cruelty, hypocrisy and hate

Blind to the suffering, misery and death

They generate

Too scared, too defiant

Too in love with their

Ignorant self righteousness

Impartial introspection

Revealed in the mirror of conscience

Intolerable to their dark sooted minds

Loving darkness, fleeing light

Unmanliness and fear

Grasping with all their might

In fitful sleep, slumbering

In nightmares and dreams

The soul whispers

With the pickaxe of conscience

"Wake up! Wake up!

And breath the fresh air

Of humanity, Spirit and truth.

So what are you going to do? ' . . . are you going to allow yourself to be ground in the millstone of the hard lessons of earthly life?'

Cure yourselves now. Why drown in the goo of ignorance? I perceive a vaccine is in order. It's free and does not require any CDC testing or FDA approval. The only requirement is sincere, honest introspection which produces repentance - this is mathematically redeeming.

A little harsh, a little repetitive. But my greatest hope and prayer is for the healing of this nation, this world and, in that process, myself as well.

Sincerely, take care

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