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A Path to A Beautiful Life

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Dear Liberals (media and politicians especially), Knuckleheads, Yahoos and Anyone Else This Applies To,

It pains me to have to write this but you need to wake up.

There is a deep reason Trump won - amazing, Democrats didn't want him, Republicans didn't want him - coming in at the eleventh hour, and you have failed to realize it. His election presented you with a tremendous opportunity to change yourselfs into higher beings. Instead of realizing that nothing is assured (as much as the media 'knew' Hillary was going to win) and start the inner questioning, turning your moral mirror* on yourselves, to see the work that needs to be done and begin the bitter-sweet process of transformation. And with that superior effort, you could have led us into a new Golden Age.

But instead you've allowed wrath and resentment, springing from thwarted desires (bi-monthly coronations of the First Lady president), hypocrisy, hate (realize that like love, hate attracts so take care in that regard)** jealousy and ignorance prevail in your souls.

Trump stripped you of your 'toys' and you can't stand it. And most importantly, he exposed you - bullies and hypocrites with extreme agendas. Your mass negativity creates a bigger Carbon Print than all the coal burning factories in China. As a result natural disasters, wars, inharmonies, etc. occur. Trump knows when and how to rattle a sword and when to back off. We are at peace now because of that ability.

You've raised cruelty to a new level of science. Pelosi and her pack are on the move rending and tearing - kind of like the brown shirts in 30's Germany. You have failed to learn how to behave; how to be even-minded, how to be truly kind not only to others but your own selves.

Look what terrible actions and behavior you tolerated or ignored in your own candidate and this was before Trump came on board. Heck look what she did the night she lost. Then she and Bill go on a whistle stop around the country looking for handouts and ego strokes. Jeest.

If Hillary had won, we would be in two wars due to appeasement and fearful tribute and have to suffer through numerous parades in her honor. So this is your spiritual lesson and you choose to remain truant.

Liberals are always showcasing and preaching about their good works, their sympathetic hearts for the down-trodden, pounding their chests for this and that (If you ever go to a peace rally, you will hear more hate speech than you care and you better wear a protective helmet). But underneath all that pretense churns a dark operative motive - lust for power, money, fame and position or fear or simply to scratch their conscience because of their inability to help people pick themselves up and get on with their lives in a productive way.

If behavior and character were really an issue, Bill would have been impeached, Hillary and Obama would have been an afterthought, and the liberal media industrial machine would have been composed of truth reporting, fair, honest, responsible news people - a real, positive part of our nation. Unlike those who try to keep their agendas rolling; promote and enable the worst behavior and actions not only in their candidate but in anyone whom they 'like', by sticking their heads in the sand, being fearful that if they were honest with themselves, they would have to change.

Good gosh, the news interview with a Sanders supporter went south very fast for the two 'journalists' and I use the term here very loosely. They were exposed by someone with intelligence and conviction and couldn't back track fast enough while trying to defend Hillary. A real journalist would have gone in depth with the supporter, discussing it completely and a real, impartial journalist would have admitted the truth of her assertion.

The good you could have done if you had blended cooperative, intuitive, intelligent thought with a compassionate heart is incalculable. But all you do is pass laws dumping money on everything creating fraud, corruption and bars of hopelessness which strips away a person's integrity, initiative, creativity - the very reason for living - Life.

It takes more than a roof and a few bucks to make life productive and worthwhile. And when all this 'effort' fails as it always has, you're gone, back to your well-ordered lives satisfied, patting yourselves on the back, that you've done your best.

This is why good-work should be done by citizens and not the government. With 'citizens', there is a covenant of giving and receiving - a heart-to-heart that is impossible to establish through government social assistance. Too many levels of bureaucracy, too many faces, too many lines - building not trust and gratefulness but resentment in those receiving when discovering themselves stuck in this 'hand-out' rut and those 'giving' - government employees who see the same people every day.

Political and social reforms are temporary at best and ultimately fall apart under the weight of their lifeless sameness. So change yourselves, and you will find real courage and inner kindness springing to the world and all whom you meet - inner reforms leading naturally to outer ones.

Trump is the Patton of Politics. He swept through, destroying 'PC', pretense and the dregs of the political underbelly resulting in an efficient, light-weight government. A strong America is a blessing for the world serving as an example and ally for other countries - an ideal, safe cooperative for exchanging, assisting - being.

So it's not too late. Start building a beautiful life for yourself now. Everything that happens in the world, people or events, are relatively neutral. It is how you react - your attitude that determines your lower or higher state of consciousness. Just think, if you learn your lessons right now, Trump might decide that his duty is done and hand everything over to Baldwin and Maddow. Wouldn't that be a hoot. SNL nightly - they could swap wigs and mock each other. Hah.

So daylight's burning. Get at it.

PS: If, in writing this, one person is helped, then it's a success. Also, I only mention Hillary's actions so that it might be used as a tool, hopefully, to evaluate yourselves. I have no animosity towards her. I used to but had to cure myself of that - my lesson. So, have a very Merry Christmas by manifesting Christ love, understanding, gratefulness and soul mastership.

*In fact, carry a physical mirror around and when you start to get angry - more than likely after reading this, pull it out and take a look. You will be aghast at what you're doing to yourself.

**Whatever you dislike, hate in someone intensely enough, as sure as your living, those attributes exist in you as well. So introspect, identify and remove for your own sake and the sake of everyone you come in contact with.

Cure yourselves. Free yourselves. Rebuild yourselves into a hate free zone. through introspective self effort transform yourselves into temples of real peace and harmony without limit or prejudice.

Gosh, more to say. At certain times, to remove a long-standing diseased tooth (hypocrisy, agendas, arrogance) requires a very strong, coarse approach (Trump). Hillary would have won hands down. But with Trump, the American people realized we had someone to take on the entrenched . . . He might not be someone you want to hang out with or have dinner with, but he's the right guy, at the right time for this country and the world. Take care.

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