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MLK Niece - Statues

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

MLK’s Niece Offers Words Of Wisdom For “Protestors” Set On Senselessly Tearing Down Statues And Monuments

The left has gone completely mad with hate and rage over statues and monuments. If you’ve been paying attention you know, by now, that they are unbiasedly destroying any and all statues no matter who the historic figures are that are depicted or what they actually accomplished for America.

Some of the destruction is truly absurd and the entire focus on the toppling of statues and monuments exposes the truth about the leftist agenda. It isn’t about “equality” or “justice” but rather a complete cultural revolution in which our heritage is completely and utterly dismantled.

If liberals believe they are genuinely fighting for equality and justice while they join in with groups causing chaos and targeting statues, Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has an important message they may want to stop and consider.

“We’re fighting over statues now and whose statues should be up and whose should be not,” Alveda King told Fox News host Neil Cavuto during Monday’s broadcast of “Your World.”

“Statues actually can become idols, regardless to whether we like the person depicted or not,” she said.

“And if you’re going to take one statue down, you have to take all statues down. And that’s not going to work.”

King then agreed with a point made by George Floyd’s family’s attorney Benjamin Crump that tearing down statues is not the way to makes changes in society.

She suggested leaving the statues in place but adding plaques that read, “This is when Americans did not understand that we’re one human race. We get that now.” Of course, this would only apply to Confederate statues and monuments considering many individuals during the times of the Civil War were already aware of this fact which is evidenced by their actions which is why they have a statue to begin with. I digress.

“I don’t believe that we should fight over the statues,” she said. “I do feel like statues can be idols. That’s a problem. Some people even idolize Martin Luther King Jr. Some people admire Martin Luther King Jr. Some people hate Martin Luther King Jr.”

Cavuto asked King what her uncle and her own father, Alfred Daniel Williams King, would think of the current anti-statue craze, given that they launched the civil rights movement in the heart of a region deeply rooted in Confederate memorials.

“They actually preached the Bible along with their dad,” she said, referencing Martin Luther King Sr., her grandfather. “They taught us to learn to live together as brothers and sisters and not perish together as fools.”

“The more we communicated and began to see each other as human beings, my granddaddy coined the phrase ‘Atlanta is a city too busy to hate.’ So we decided not to hate and not to fight,” she said.

King went on to discuss the controversial statue of former President Theodore Roosevelt in New York City that will be coming down because it is considered offensive.

“I believe it’s very important even with the Teddy Roosevelt statue with an African-American and a Native American Indian side by side, saying, we need to see this whole issue. And these are all Americans,” she said.

“So that’s really what they would encourage us to do and they would encourage us to pray, communicate, love each other,” she said.

“If you find yourself fighting and going into a rage over a statue, step back and re-examine the human heart and what we can do together to discuss and resolve this without destruction and without violence.”

Maybe it’s time for Americans to unplug and get back to face-to-face interactions and connections.

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