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Immigration Solution - 2023

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

This an ode to the border crisis. It encompasses, I hope, a perfect solution whereby all folks may feel safe and proud.

Political compassion impregnated with selfish interest leads to a host of errors and lots of misery. Compassion with wisdom guided intuition is mathematically perfect.

An Easter Prayer for Wisdom Guided Immigration:

The wall is great in the eyes of all

Keeping at bay murder, mayhem

Violence and hate forestall

No more struggling, smuggling death

At the hands of selfish, delusive desire

No more sex trafficking

At the hands of evil

No more destructive drugs and death

At the hands of cartels steeped in evil

No more families living in

Hellish chicken coops

No jobs, living in fear of being caught

The boys turn to gangs

The girls to . . . . .

The father to drink

The mother to TV and prayer

Their culture lost

Their culture lost

And worse the politicians who

Promote this awful practice

In the name of compassion,

Freedom and sympathy

Is it ignorance or,

To what purpose?

Votes and Power

Cruel and ruthless

Cause and effect

Think if Mexico did their job

How wonderful this would be

Better still, Immigration Universities

A year or better learning to see

The history, culture and

How to navigate here from

. . . sea to shinning sea

Then beautiful parades

Across the border to us

Honoring our new citizens

With Cheer and goodwill

All safe, prosperous and happy

When in time people

Learn to behave

The wall comes down

With great celebration -

A Festival of Lights

Each piece a gift of remembrance

Of what could have been

Had we all learned to behave

Bless me Lord with the power to forgive and to

Bless those living in error with wisdom enough

To wake from their ignorance and

Repent, receive and begin reparation


Oh! And Biden and his cohorts obvious, awful culling of more votes with his immigration policy still leads to overpowering despair and loss of hope. A wall of wisdom should be put around them as well.

Why is it that liberals feel the only way to get power is to make salves of African Americans, and, now, Mexican immigrants. They are modern day slave owners using chains of social programs and handouts yoking them to their way.

Our youth are also enslaved by educators who mold young malleable hearts to their ends curbing their innate reason and initiative into unthinking, mechanical reactionaries. When people deal in evil while pretending to be good, it leads to a host of suffering and misery - especially for those who do it. They want others to change but need it the most and dislike intensely anyone who would think otherwise.

Hypocrisy must be obliterated before there can be any healing. So impartially introspect, think, analyze and, with courage, change yourself and thus the world - a true Golden Age.

Have a nice day!

And a very meaningful Happy Easter to all.

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