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A Letter to the The View

So you hosted Hillary and she immediately tears into Trump and you like it.  But you should read the post mortem letter written by Anthony Bourdain on the Clintons that should curl your hair.  And the fact the Bill and Hillary, with extreme planing and prejudice, destroyed so many women for sex and power does not cause a ripple of concern in you proves a few things.


You are liberal zealots who shut out and dismiss any ideas a little to the right of left center. And you close your eyes to the unwholesome thoughts and actions in those you politically like as well as yourselves.  Your've created a nice cocoon of ignorance bolstered by tools of labels - hate speech, myopic or you must have heard that from Fox.  This protects you from using your reason and wisdom guided discrimination thus creating a host errors and mountains of suffering for all.   Heaven forbid that you should engage in an open, unbiased, intelligent, poised discussion with anyone outside your very biased, tight window of exceptance.

One of the biggest crimes was allowing teachers to inculcate the youth with the liberal manifesto and their own personal biases and myopic outlook creating crazed acolytes running the streets shouting hate and violence and divisiveness in the classroom.  Each person has been endowed with all the power of the universe to overcome all difficulties and create a beautiful life.  Virtue, courage, nobility of thought and action, cooperation, self-control, self-governance, poise and real kindness are the qualities inherent in our youth which need to be watered by high-minded teachers. To teach, by example and precept, others to dig into and discover that power within themselves is the greatest gift one can bestow on humankind. To teach anything else is igorance no matter how many degrees and titles one may have. Harvard has proved that. Learn to behave!

And thank goodness for Fox.  I now know why liberals don't like them as they expose you for what you really are.  A NY muslim leader said that Trump has revealed the Democrat's true nature.  And there is the hypocrisy, liberals are in fanatical lock step with CNN and their ilk.  Open mindedness and discussion, diversity, humanity and things you love to preach, but, pretententiously your thoughts and actions are completely opposite.

Instead of introspecting and learning anything from Trump's victory, you all went on a vent, hate campaign that has unsettled American and the World.  Your egos got bent and you couldn't stand it.  Their is a universal law that states that whatever you put out in thought and deed will come back to you exactly and precisely.  Its called cause and effect, karma, reaping what you sow.  Read Emerson's 'Compensation' which poetically describes this unchangeable law. I'll pray for you all that you re-discover your true selves through courageous, daily introspection and analysis to reveal your flaws and bad habits. Then, with that knowledge unflinchingly change yourselves. So get at it. Daylights burning and make it snappy for your own sake, your families and the world.


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