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The Letter of The Law

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The Letter of The Law:

What to say, what to do

Scooby Dooby Dooby Doo

Lib Pols, news pundits and

Hollywood alike

Want the world

On their terms

On their terms

Else, in their dislike,

They destroy

Else they destroy

The letter of the law

Is their call

On their terms

On their terms

Else they break the law

On their terms

On their terms

They beat their chests

Whine and complain

Their behavior revealing

Unmanliness and disdain

Their peace, poise

And moral courage

Lost in the void

Lost in the void

They shout for

Good and harmony

In such a violent,

hateful way

Running in packs

Rending everything

In their path

The world then suffering

Calamities and strife

Unsettling, darkening life

Each and every day

Each and every day

Hypocrisy shutting out

Their understanding and light

They become lost and 'sight-less'

Day and night

Day and night

Churning out 'truth'

Veiling self-interest and desire

Throwing a blanket of darkness over

They lurk and crawl

Lashing and cruel

Like a dark-hearted lover

Hating those who oppose

deserving less

Loving those who dispose

Their prejudices

and biases

Deserving less

Deserving less

Not seeing that the

Objects of their scorn

In truth, they themselves adorn

Exposed and embarrassed

Heedless of the

Lessons to be learned

Nobility and Virtue

Held hostage - -

They plot and scheme

Lusting for vengeance

Their lives teeming

With pain and angst

By their hand

By their hand

If but once they would introspect

(Shut the door on their 'intellect')

The disease of ignorance,

Darkness and hate

Would fly away, abate-d . . .


Then earth, planets, stars,

Solar-Stellar systems and

Angels celebrate

What to say, what to do

Scooby Dooby Dooby Doo


For one's own well-being,

you must stop watching the news.

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