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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Twitter dialogue with Chris discussing various solutions to homelessness.

Dear Chris,

Not sure of the degree part either, but definitely some kind of trade certification. A piece of land, building a training site should not be that hard. The City would, I think, be very glad to finance it and, I'm pretty sure, there would be plenty of qualified people who would love to participate. From administrative types to trade instructors - especially retired folks with plenty of skill, knowledge and, I've found, a joyful desire to share it.

My observation and experience has been that most of the homeless are pretty much content with their lifestyle. Some have been pushed to the brink and a little assistance, encouragement and support and they are on their way. But the rest seem content. I've tried several times to help with hotel stays and money. They are appreciative and promise to look for a job and complete school. But after several months, when the money runs out, they are back on the streets just as before and they hardly recognize you when saying hi.

I read that Santa Ana was ready to open up facilities in the East mountains to help alleviate the homeless situation. But a lawyer showed up and announced they aren't going. So I'm thinking it is because the homeless are so used to where and how they live that long term habit prevents them from going to a place where they could live better if not improve themselves skill wise. I'm also thinking that they don't want to be disconnected from drugs and alcohol. So there are lots to consider.

But, if enough people get together and think this out, really think this out, a solution will emerge. Of that I'm sure. Well Chris, there you go. Thanks for the interest and take care.

Oh, as far as distancing protocol, heck, I don’t know. But I know the homeless would be a whole lot healthier in the hills, valleys and plains than where they are now. I guess they could be tested before being sent and, with the newer ways to test, this could be done daily at the facility itself.

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