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Los Angeles Homelessness, Mandates and Hypocrisy

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The City of Los Angeles and the Nation

Well here you are avoiding the most important issue for your city - homelessness. You feel free and vindicated mandating unjustified vax mandates, masks and social distancing when there is no benchmark for these measures - they were removed from the pandemic guidelines 10 years ago when the unofficial agenda couldn't get H1N1 to fly. Now you can call a hang-nail a pandemic. The real pandemic is fear, ignorance and hypocrisy.

But you ignore the biggest threat to LA and to cities as a whole - the camps and tent cities of the homeless. They are the petri dishes of disease - mental as well as physical - that you should worry about. You don't worry about infringing on people's rights with covid mandates, but you run the other way when it comes to measures for the homeless. This will come back to haunt you in a far greater way than covid ever could.

Santa Ana had plans to house the homeless at unused facilities somewhere in the east hills, but a lawyer representing the homeless said they don't want to leave (to be separated from drugs and alcohol) and the city officials caved in.

But this is a great solution if thought out. Imagine small military structured university type communities built in the open, rural areas whereby the homeless could get medical care; a place to sleep and eat; instruction in any kind of trade. There are plenty of retired folks with tons of skills who would love to share their knowledge - and for free!

Just like in the military, they would have to get up at a certain time; make their beds; clean-up; get dressed; have breakfast (and all-together not whenever they felt like it) and go to class. Have lunch; recreation; dinner; study; lights out at a certain time.

In this way, they will learn to lead a controlled existence which will make them a whole lot happier, resourceful and worthwhile. It's the hap-hazard lifestyle and lack of creative initiative that creates for them and others around them so much misery.

When they have graduated, there is a ceremony and off to the world to contribute and and no longer be a burden to hard pressed society or to themselves and family.

There will be placement and psychological resources available as well.

So now we are creating an environment whereby people who are 'stuck' can get 'unstuck' while nurturing a healthy environment for everyone who lives in a city or not.

The beautiful return in productive lives; cheerful service; vibrant people and towns; and tremendous savings in money will be uncalcuatable.

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